Why you should consider study in Australia?

  1. High Quality Education
  2. English Speaking Country
  3. Safe Study Environment
  4. Moderate Climate (To some extent similar to Nepal)
  5. Post Study Work scheme (PSW)
  6. Opportunities of PR for deserving students
  7. 20 h/rs work permit during session and full time while in Vacation
  8. Multi-cultural environment
  9. Strong Economy
  10. High Standard of Living etc.

The most and main session at Universities in Australia are Jan/Feb and Jun/July. However some of the universities will offer session in between those two session i. e in Oct/Nov. Some colleges have multiple sessions where students can enroll and process their visa application.
Courses: There are thousands of courses available to students.
English Language Requirements:
Undergraduate: 6 overall and not less than 5.5 in each band.
Post Graduate: 6.5 overall and not less than 6 in each band.
Note: Courses like Law, Journalism, Nursing and Public Health, Teaching, and Social Work, required 7 in IELTS or equivalent for bachelor and master level studies.

Tuition fees are normally starts from AUD $ 10000-15000 per semester for bachelor and master level studies. For living expenses, Australian government sets the criteria of AUD$ 18000 per year for an international student.

Acceptable Financial Institutions:
In order to process the student visa application, there are mainly two banks which are accepted and assigned by Australian High Commission New Delhi, India. However if the university agrees and accepts other financial institutions documents, that will also accepted by the visa office.

Entry Requirements:
Admission requirements varies from institutions to institutions, however for bachelor level studies at least 60% has to be there in Higher Secondary Education in order to enroll at the University. Most of the university will require more than 60% for direct bachelor entry. For master level studies same rules applies minimum 60% in bachelor level studies. Those students, who have less, can apply through pathway program.

Statement of purpose:
  1. Students have to include the following information in their Statement of Purpose
  2. Reason for applying Australia
  3. Reason for Applying at the particular Institution
  4. Reason for Applying for particular course
  5. Your future Plan
  6. How that degree/course will support your plan
  7. Mention your financial background as will.