This test is required to get admission at foreign colleges and universities especially where English Language is the medium of instruction. Universities of USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand etc will require TOEFL score if student come from non-English Speaking country like Nepal. In order to assess the level of English, there are four components of language which are Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Each component carries 30 marks making its total score of 120. Out of 120, there are various requirements for individual colleges and universities for different level of study. For an example, if a student wishes to study undergraduate level study in the US, it is commonly required 63 for average level university and the higher for the top tier universities. In order to get admission at the post graduate level study, universities start to accept from 76, however it matters the individual university admission requirement.
We, at KIEC, provide 6 weeks’ classes by an expert in this field. There will be 30 classes in total where we provide the study materials such as the practice tests, books and hands out to the students. In order to register for the test, student has to make a profile at and has to take the help of any bank to pay $ 165 for registration.  The duration of the test is four hours including the 10 minutes break in-between the two sections. For further information, please visit TOEFL website or contact us at 01 4010538